Flower Care Tips for your Mothers Day Flowers from Jennifer Morrison Florist Ltd

Posted on: Tuesday, 17 March 2015 |


Flower Care Tips for your Mothers Day flowers.

Here at Jennifer Morrison Florist we delivered large amounts of beautiful fresh flowers over the Mother Day Period. We are very passionate about the quality of flowers and grade of flowers that we buy.

When your flowers leave our shop they are at the premium of their quality, and then we hand over the care for them to you.

If you received flowers this Mothers Day, now is the time to be doing some quick maintenance, to ensure their longevity.

If you received a hand tied bouquet please remove all the cellophane wrapping, cut stems at an angle and place into fresh clean water. If you received an arrangement, please water the oasis regularly. Above all please place in a cool environment and not in direct sunlight, and definitely not on a window ledge above a radiator.

Using these steps you will ensure the long life of your beautiful flowers.

Many thanks to all our wonderful customers who continue to use and support us all year round.

It is much appreciated.


The Jmos Team x